About the region

A region in the eastern corner of the Czech Republic, a 3-hour drive from Prague and a 2.5-hour drive from Vienna. The modern city of Zlín, notable for its urban design and as a birthplace of the world-renowned shoemaker Tomáš Baťa. The famous spa town of Luhačovice with picturesque architecture of Dušan Jurkovič. Beautiful and pristine nature of the White Carpathians and Vizovice Highlands all around. That is what the region of Zlín & Luhačovice is all about. See it for yourself!

Wellness & Spa Zlínsko a Luhačovicko

Wellness and spa culture are our fortes. While Luhačovice is where you’ll find a world-class spa with wellness amenities galore, Zlín and Slavičín also have much to offer in this area.  Some of the best spots include a Roman-style wellness center in ALEXANDRIA Spa & Wellness Hotel in Luhačovice, the elaborate top-class wellness world of Hotel Augustian, the modern wellness amenities of Hotel Pohoda or the infinity pool in Hotel Vega with a view of Luhačovice. Add to this the wellness center of Hotel Tomášov in Zlín and the beer spa in the cellars of Wichterle Castle in Slavičín and you have yourself an infinite number of places to rest your body and soul.

In the old days, this region was dominated by majestic castles and chateaus, such as the ones in Vizovice, Lešná, Lukov, or Malenovice. Nowadays, it is more commonly known for the red-brick aesthetic of Zlín and its former shoemaking factory, the unique picture-postcard style of Dušan Jurkovič and the quaintness of Wallachian cabins in the White Carpathians. Some must-see examples of modern architecture include the Tomas Bata Memorial, EXPO Pavilion in Vizovice and Gahura’s Prospect. 

MUST SEE: A highly recommended sightseeing trip will let you explore the appeal of Zlín’s functionalist past, recorded in detail in the guide Zlín Architecture Manual. 

Magical, mysterious and deserted – that is the White Carpathians Mountains. This not particularly tall mountain range, located at the very edge of Moravia, is known for its long highland meadows, where sheep graze freely to this day. Inside the forests you can find entire slopes set with juniper trees (why yes, juniper is exactly the plant used to make gin as well as Slovakian borovička). Log cabins and ancient fruit drying huts grace both the valleys and the summits. 

A bit farther away, in Luhačovice, is where Mother Nature has blessed us with curative mineral springs that can take care of many ailments of the body. On top of these springs, a famous spa with incredibly stunning architecture has sprung up. You can go bike-riding or hiking, climb to the top of a lookout tower or check out castle ruins and prominent chateaus.

Get your blood pumping with a traditional Czech spirit produced right on the spot, savor warm and crunchy spa wafers, treat yourself to a classy experience in high-end restaurants, discover the charm of new-wave city cafés or grab a quick bite in new and unconventional bistros set on meadows and inside mountain cabins. Czechs are a nation of beer drinkers – visit one of the many local breweries and try their best beer specialties.

A plethora of museums, galleries and cozy little design stores to visit, a film festival for children, or a bit of culture in the spa town of Luhačovice. If you want to experience the regions of Zlín and Luhačovice the way locals do, do not miss one of the events in the area.

Take your children with you to the region of Zlín & Luhačovice! Our beautiful Zlín Zoo features pavilions that will transport you to the Amazon rainforest or the Australian grasslands where kangaroos roam freely. 

There are also arcades and large playgrounds for children, lookout towers and castles and cycling trails suitable even for your older offspring. You can also rent a paddleboard or ride on the longest outdoor water slide. And if it rains, you can always visit the exhibition of Filmový Uzel on the premises of the former Zlín film studios, children-friendly program guaranteed! Kids can learn how to make an animated movie or get lost in the fictional world of a Czech animated character called Lojzik The Pig.