How to get there

How to Get There

The regions of Zlín and Luhačovice (Zlínsko a Luhačovicko) are an area located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, within the land of Moravia and the Zlín Region administrative unit. In terms of tourism, they are managed by the East Moravian Tourist Authority (Centrála cestovního ruchu Východní Moravy o.p.s.).


Public and Local Transport

Zlín, Otrokovice and the surrounding area run an intricate public transport system, so you can get around with ease by bus or trolleybus. Timetables available at and on the Zlín & Otrokovice Transportation Company (DSZO) website.

Luhačovice, Valašské Klobouky and Vizovice can all be reached by bus from Zlín, while a train line runs between Uherský Brod and Luhačovice. All the timetables, including delays and closures, are available at


Parking in our town centers can get a little complicated. In Zlín, you can park in one of the paid parking lots or inside the factory complex. In Luhačovice, you can find free parking by the train station, while paid parking is available at the Municipal Swimming Hall (Městská plovárna).