Design & Fasion Shops

In and around Zlín, there’s a real abundance of interesting brands and designers. Some of our household names include footwear brands such as Vasky and KAVE Footwear and streetwear brands like Modest Apparel, Bioga, SUTU, and many others. Here’s where you can buy their products!

Courage (Zlín)

This little shop operating out of the Zlín Castle specializes in fashion, jewelry, and accessories. Having been among the first of its kind to open in Zlín, Courage promotes slow fashion, local production, and the use of materials that have a low ecological footprint or are recycled.

Red Brick Design Shop (Zlín)

This is where we shop when we need some original pieces for our wardrobe. Whether we’re looking for cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, socks, handbags, or even notebooks and original gift ideas, the shop assistants at the Red Brick Design Shop are always happy to help with a smile on their face. You can find this design store in the regional library inside the building no. 14 of the factory complex.

Labuť (Luhačovice)

Anna, the owner of this nice little shop on the recently renovated spa colonnade, makes sure that her store is full of beautiful, original, and high-quality items, be it her own production, products from local creators and designers, or books of all shapes and sizes. Do you need a souvenir from Luhačovice? Consider browsing through Labuť.


In this studio/showroom/store, two Zlín designers (Kateřina Vavroušková and Veronika Zelezníková) want to share stories of great local design with the public. Come here to buy Želé jewelry, Cover bags and original furniture from Plody, made by Czech artists. The former school building also houses the great café Kafec Zlínský, a packaging free shop, and Mňam Dortíček, a popular cake shop.

  • Design & Fasion Shops

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