Most galleries in the region can be found in Zlín. Visit the large regional gallery, with its frequent showcases of young artists known as Zlin Youth Salon, or explore smaller galleries, oftentimes located in unexpected places, such as a garage or an eyewear store.


Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín

Our largest gallery can be found inside the beautifully renovated buildings of the former shoemaking factory, now known as 14|15 BAŤA INSTITUTE. While the permanent exhibition showcases a collection of works of modern art, there is much to be seen in the temporary exhibitions, both in the gallery and in the smaller Grafický kabinet on the second floor. Your little ones can get their creative juices flowing in the artistic workshop for children named Galeřiště.

Kabinet T. Gallery

Over the 13 years of its existence, this gallery has proven to be a staple of Zlín’s artistic scene, bringing a whole variety of unique exhibitions. Do not be discouraged by its location on the far side of the former factory complex – this one is a must-see.

Photogether Gallery

The Photogether Gallery, run by Advertising Photography students from the nearby Faculty of Multimedia Communications at Tomas Bata University in Zlín, has been around for more than 10 years and is known for its bold exhibitions and wild preview events. Look for it in the former bomb shelter below the Zlín Clinic.

Galerie Garáž

This ordinary garage, located in an even more ordinary quarter of Burešov on the other side of the river, proves that art can thrive anywhere. Its owners, Vojtěch Skácel and Helena Ťapajnová, are ready to mount a glass door at the entrance at a moment’s notice, so that you can enjoy it even if galleries are forced to close down.

G18 Gallery 

The university gallery, located inside the new building designed by Eva Jiřičná, showcases student works, hosts international exhibitions, provides guided tours, organizes workshops, and serves as a meeting place for local changemakers. Young art is alive and well here.

Evangelical Church in Zlín

As is the case with most Protestant churches, do not expect an overly ornate temple, where even breathing loudly is frowned upon. On the contrary – the church is an elegant space that houses its own gallery in the foyer, where you’ll find works of renowned Czech artists. The gallery also participates in such popular events as the Night of Museums, Night of Churches, and many others.

Galerie Komnata

This little space inside a bus stop used to be a newsstand, a cheap jewelry shop, and an aquarium supply store, and now it’s a gallery. Tomáš Krejčí rented it so that he could host exhibitions, which may be small in size yet all the more powerful in their message. You can visit this gallery, which even lights up at night, any time of day.

Václav Chad Gallery

The Zlín Castle is home to a modern gallery that bears the name of a talented young painter whose extraordinary life was cut short when his role in the Zlín anti-Nazi resistance movement was discovered. The gallery honors Václav Chad’s legacy by reflecting it both in its relationship towards the field of fine arts in Zlín and in how it relates to people around, capable of remarkable feats and selfless sacrifice.

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