Our region is home to a whole variety of museums, both big and small, covering the most important parts of our history. Among other things, you’ll find out about Tomáš Baťa’s humble beginnings as a shoemaker, visit an old Scout clubroom up in the mountains, and learn about John Amos Comenius, the father of modern education.

Museum of Southeastern Moravia in Zlín

In and around Zlín, you’ll come across several branches of this regional museum. We recommend you start with the main one, though, located inside the buildings of 14|15 BAŤA INSTITUTE in the former factory complex. There are several exhibitions to choose from – a shoemaking exhibition, where you can check out the original machines once used in the factories around, the Shoe Museum, featuring shoes worn by Japanese geishas and Ötzi the Iceman, an exhibition on Hanzelka and Zikmund, a famous duo of Czech adventurers (think Czech Lewis and Clark), and one that depicts the history of animated filmmaking in Zlín.

Filmový Uzel (Zlín)

Here you’ll find everything there is to know about Zlín film studios. Since the 1920’s, the quarter of Kudlov, sitting on a hill above Zlín, has been a hub of Czechoslovak film production, making famous Czech movies for children and adults alike. Visit the museum of filmmaking, and let your kids enjoy the interactive workshop named Chlívek prasátka Lojzíka.

Museum of J. A. Comenius (Uherský Brod)

Depending on who you ask, John Amos Comenius was either born in Uherský Brod, Nivnice or the nearby village of Komňa. Regardless, what can be said about his life is that it was full of adventures, knowledge and challenges. In the château in Uherský Brod, you can learn more about the father of modern education, who traveled through Europe in an effort to improve the way children are taught in schools, proving once and for all that work and play do in fact mix.

Muzeum luhačovického Zálesí (Luhačovice)

Luhačovice is home to a beautiful museum focused on ethnography and regional architecture. Explore the popular room dedicated to the life and unique architecture of Dušan Jurkovič, or visit one of the temporary exhibitions, designed to both educate and entertain.

Muzeum letecké bitvy nad Bílými Karpaty (Šanov)

In 1944, the skies above Šanov were the site of a fierce aerial battle that resulted in the death of 9 US pilots. The debris scattered in the woods around the village was later recovered by the father of Michael Žitník, who now maintains this unique private collection. The exhibits include parts of the plane wreckage, military documents, and aviation gear. The museum is popular among regional tourists as well as Americans, mostly relatives of those who died in this tragic conflict.

Muzeum Vlachovska (Vlachovice)

This tiny museum in Vlachovice provides an overview of local agricultural practices as well as the history of the village and the surrounding area. Local enthusiasts have managed to restore ancient wooden fruit drying huts, and you can now explore them by following an educational trail, finishing off at the main building of Muzeum Vlachovska.

Napajedla Museum (napajedla)

In the 1970’s, the legendary Czech designer Libuše Niklová created a series of children’s toys for the local plastic manufacturer Fatra Napajedla. Thanks to their timeless design, the toys remained popular among children for several generations and are sought after even today as souvenirs and collectible items. The convent in Napajedla houses a permanent exhibition that features toys designed by Libuše Niklová and other Czech designers, exhibitions on the history of Napajedla and the former local engine manufacturer Slavia, a top-notch café, and a concert hall, located in the old chapel.

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