Swimming & Water Sports

Interested in finding the best places to swim (not only) in the summer? We’ve prepared some tips on the best indoor and outdoor swimming pools, lakes, and ponds. We’ll also share some useful info on water sports.

Indoor Swimming

In Zlín, definitely stop by the Zlín Municipal Spa (Lázně Zlín), which features two indoor pools (50 and 25 meters long), an outdoor swimming area, steam room, sauna, and whirlpool.

In Luhačovice, don’t forget to visit the Municipal Swimming Hall, which recently underwent a Functionalist renovation in line with its original design. You might also enjoy the hotel swimming pools at ALEXANDRIA, Pohoda, Vega, and Ambra.

Outdoor Swimming

For your kids, there’s plenty of water fun to be had at the water park Delfín in Uherský Brod, the public swimming pools of Zelené and Panorama in Zlín, and the brand new outdoor swimming pool in Sazovice. You can also have a dip in the clear waters of a former quarry in Kurovice, but you’ll have to pay an entrance fee and walk part of the way. Another former quarry good for swimming is Štěrkoviště in Otrokovice. Pozlovice, located near Luhačovice, has a nice water park named Duha.

Water Sports

If you want to try paddleboarding, head to Otrokovice – look for the rental store Tambik. Afterwards, you can choose to sail either on the lake of Štěrkoviště or the Morava river. Paddleboards and paddle boats are also available for rent at the Luhačovice Reservoir.

And who could forget about the famous Baťa Canal? Built in the 1930's, today it mostly serves for recreational cruises. You can stop along the way to explore local wine cellars or have something to eat, and there are many pleasant harbors where you can spend the night.

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