A simple yet elegant form, a clear focus on purpose and no unnecessary curves or frills. That is the definition of Functionalist buildings, whose charm will captivate all those who love plainness and simplicity. The regions of Zlín and Luhačovice have amassed quite a collection of these. This comes as no surprise since Tomáš Baťa built all of his Zlín in the spirit of this intriguing style of modern architecture.

Bílá Čtvrť in Luhačovice

This uniquely elegant quarter, filled with both simple inns and majestic hotels, takes its name (Czech for White Quarter) from the snow-white facades that the early 20th-century architects gave their designs. Today you’ll find the villas of Radun, Viola, and Avion here in addition to a beautifully renovated outdoor swimming pool and the smaller villas of Jarča, Eva, and Draža. Worth taking a stroll – and stopping for a cup of coffee at Radun!

Luhačovice Post Office

Right in the center of the spa town stands the absolutely gorgeous building of the local post office. From the outside you can admire its large glass windows, while the inside has even more to offer – ancient mailboxes, stylish booths and a vibe that you only get from black-and-white movies.

Obchodní Dům Zlín

Until recently, the building of Zlín’s original department store was but a boarded-up shell of its past self, occupied by little shops of questionable purpose, with the public toilets being the center of operations of a local fortune-teller. Thankfully, those days are long gone, as Obchodní Dům Zlín got a much needed facelift. The ground floor houses shops, cafés, and bars, the middle level belongs to the high-end restaurant/shop Bistrotéka Valachy, and the floors above are offices.

Tomas Bata Memorial in Zlín

This building is simply captivating, even if there is almost nothing inside it. Plain, yet incredibly beautiful. Originally, it was meant to become a gallery or a cultural center. After Tomáš Baťa’s sudden and unexpected demise, it was instead turned into a monument to commemorate this remarkable man that built Zlín into what it is today. Inside you’ll find a replica of the plane that sealed the fate of both Baťa and his pilot Jindřich Brouček. Come get carried away by the exceptional feel of this empty space.

Other Buildings in Zlín

Zlín’s buildings, both Functionalist and not, are very well documented in ZAM, also known as Zlín Architecture Manual. This unique project not only has a very informative website but also provides maps of Zlín filled with routes that will take you through the most beautiful places in town.

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