Folk Architecture

In terms of architecture, the regions of Zlín and Luhačovice are most commonly associated with the unique style of Wallachian log cabins. These little houses made of wooden beams used to line the village roads and city streets in all the land. Few have survived to this day, though, and one must know where to look to find them. Still, there are a couple of spots where you are guaranteed to come across these beautiful examples of folk architecture.

Mikuláštík’s Residence in Jasenná

What a beauty! Walking through the village of Jasenná, you’re bound to stumble upon a large homestead with a two-story log cabin. It was built in the year 1748 by Josef Mikuláštík, who held the post of advocatus or Vogt (known in Czech as fojt, hence the Czech name Mikuláštíkovo fojtství) in the village. The original structure has stood the test of time and now houses a museum of folk traditions. This is where history comes to life.

Valašské Klobouky Urban Monument Zone

The town of Valašské Klobouky is one of the few in the area that has managed to withstand several fires and preserve traditional wooden buildings in their original locations. Their full list can be found on the town’s website, although a simple walk through the streets will get you familiar with many of them. Don’t forget to check out the ancient pillory column located in front of the museum on the main square, where medieval wrongdoers would get punished and publicly humiliated.


One place that positively teems with folk architecture is the village of Vlachovice and the surrounding area. People here seem to live their lives in a more calm and humble manner. They have managed to preserve and repair several drying huts, used to dry fruits and herbs in the olden days. We recommend walking down the educational trail and stopping by the local museum. The village has its own cooper, a profession that has all but disappeared. At lunchtime, visit the restaurant Na Mýtě and try their hay soup or other meals made from local ingredients.

Our tip: The neighboring destinations of the region of Kroměříž and Wallachia maintain their own open-air museums where you can see beautiful folk architecture from up close. Visit Rymice or Rožnov pod Radhoštěm for an unforgettable experience!

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