We have no shortage of castles and châteaux, either! Scattered across the land you’ll find ancient keeps built to safeguard the Moravian border, quaint hunting lodges, vast noble estates, and majestic palaces adorned by magnificent gardens. Want to know the way? Check out this map that highlights the castles’ locations, or just keep reading to find out more about each one of them.

Vizovice Château

Vizovice Chateau Zlínsko Luhačovicko

This is arguably the most beautiful château in the region. The three-winged Baroque structure with a snow-white facade features lavish interiors and is surrounded by a French-style garden. The legend has it that during the war, the steward managed to hide all the château furniture inside various cottages in the adjacent village, so that it could be returned once it was safe again.

Wichterle Castle

Wichterle Chateau

For the longest time, Slavičín Château had been falling into disrepair. Several restaurants and pubs tried to set up shop here, albeit to no avail.  With no one to take care of it, the château, located right in the center of Slavičín,  became abandoned, at least until its new owners saw to a conscious renovation, changing its name to Wichterle Castle. In 2019, the structure reopened, boasting of a hotel, a restaurant, a café, and a beer spa, located inside the vast underground cellars. Have a picnic in the garden, or just come enjoy a hearty breakfast. 

Zlín Castle 

Zlín Castle

Things are looking up at the Zlín Castle! This old building in the center of Zlín used to escape the attention of locals unless they wanted to visit the restaurant inside. However, the past few years have seen a resurgence of interest, mainly thanks to the work of a local association named Zlínský zámek o.p.s. Now the castle hosts great exhibitions, is home to the Václav Chad Gallery, and even serves as a venue for the events of Zlin Design Week and Zlín Film Festival.

Lešná Château 

Lešná Chateau

Right in the middle of the Zlín Zoo lurks a beautiful castle that gave name to the entire area. The Lešná Château is naturally much older than any enclosures that surround it, standing proud among giraffes and seals as a glorious reminder of times long past. The structure, which features an intricate facade adorned by many little towers, oriel windows, and balconies, betrays Neo-Renaissance and Swiss influences and was built for the family of Josef Jan Seilern in the early 19th century. Be sure to get a look inside, where you’ll find beautifully decorated rooms and a series of artefacts from the owners’ travels around the world.

Nový Světlov Castle

Nový Světlov Castle

This privately-owned castle stands tall above the village of Bojkovice as a prominent feature of the local landscape. Built in the Tudor Gothic style, today it also serves as a hotel complex with its own restaurant and a venue for weddings and corporate events. In the summer, we recommend checking out Bistro Na Kopci on the opposite hillside, where you can grab a sandwich and enjoy the view of the castle from a distance.

Napajedla Castle

The town of Napajedla has a lot to offer – a famous stud farm, an old convent turned into an excellent museum, a concert hall inside the old chapel, and an exceptional café. However, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Baroque castle, located in the middle of vast garden grounds, which has been turned into a hotel that also hosts weddings and other celebrations.

Luhačovice Château

Today, the Luhačovice Château is mostly known as the seat of the local art school, where children learn to play the violin, the piano, or to paint. The Baroque palace was built by the House of Serényi, a Hungarian dynasty that played a pivotal role in the development of the local spa.

Uherský Brod Castle


First records of a castle in this area date back to the 14th century, as kings and other monarchs would reside here from time to time. The castle was later abandoned and pillaged, and a new château was erected in its place in the early 18th century. Today it is used by the Museum of J. A. Comenius, set up to celebrate the legacy of arguably the most famous teacher of the world, who was most likely born around here.

Lukov Castle

Named one of the 42 undiscovered jewels of Czechia of 2020, Lukov Castle is probably the most romantic castle around. Walk up a hill and over a bridge, and you’ll be at the gate of this medieval fort hidden deep in the woods. The fact that you can get here with Zlín public transport makes it an ideal spot for a full-day trip.

Malenovice Castle

Managed entirely by the Museum of Southeastern Moravia, the Malenovice Castle hosts a highly recommended zoological exhibition about animals and insects, popular among families with kids. If you take a good look around the castle, you’ll find that the village below still bears a striking resemblance to a medieval settlement. Somehow, time runs slower in these parts.

Brumov Castle

Brumov Castle was built to safeguard the only trade route that led from Moravia through the mountainous borderlands to Hungary and further east. The only way to cross the steep hills was through the Vlára Pass, so a keep was erected here. Massive and romantic castle ruins have survived to this day, welcoming tourists and hosting cultural events, such as concerts and plays.

Vršatec Castle

These romantic castle ruins, located deep within the forest on the Slovak side of the White Carpathians, simply breathe history. The castle was captured several times, suffered structural damage after an accidental gunpowder explosion, and was finally torn down with the king’s consent. All that is left today are remains of the castle walls and a beautiful view of the valley beneath. The summit of the slightly taller Chmeľová is nearby, providing an exquisite sunset viewing experience.

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