Spas Zlínsko Luhačovicko

A spa is a place to heal your body and your soul. You can spend your days indulging in treatments, taking relaxing walks, or just resting in a pleasing environment. Or you can go to a café, have some good food, watch a movie, go to a theater, or visit an exhibition. After all this, you’ll be sure to come back home feeling as good as new.

Luhačovice SPA

The history of the renowned Luhačovice Spa has been 300 years in the making. The spa offers medicinal springs, treatments that can cure many ailments of the body, and stunning folk Art Nouveau architecture by Dušan Jurkovič. The genius loci of Luhačovice has to be lived to be believed. You can stay in one of the houses designed by Jurkovič on the colonnade or choose from the many hotels, villas and guesthouses in the area.

Royal spa luhačovice

The spa houses and hotels under the brand of ROYAL SPA offer both curative treatments and wellness packages. Visit MIRAMARE spa hotels, VILA VALAŠKA, or VILA ANTOANETA, and let yourself be treated and pampered at the same time.

kostelec spa

Much has changed since a spa first opened in Kostelec, a quaint little town that is now part of Zlín, in the 1750’s, but one thing remains the same. You will be tended to with the utmost care, leaving relaxed and with all your ailments taken care of. The spa houses a hotel with an outdoor swimming pool and a golf course. The location is also quite popular among nature lovers and hikers, as the nearby forest is filled with hiking trails, including the renowned Cyril and Methodius Route.

  • Spas Zlínsko Luhačovicko

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