Wellness in Luhačovice

Thanks to our efforts, Luhačovice received the prestigious EDEN award and became a European Destination of Excellence in 2019 with the project “Well, well... Lázně Luhačovice”, proving that the town is a true paradise of wellness and relaxation.

Besides the many renowned spas and spa houses with a long tradition of providing curative treatments, Luhačovice is also home to tens of wellness centers, saunas, and places where you can get a really good massage or just relax. Want to know our favorites? 

ALEXANDRIA**** Spa & Wellness hotel


If you’re looking for the biggest wellness center in Luhačovice, then head on over to ALEXANDRIA**** Spa & Wellness Hotel, located right in the town center. Its amenities include a Roman spa and a roof terrace with whirlpools and lounge chairs, ideal for watching the sunset. Be sure to make enough time to experience it all in peace and harmony.

Wellness & spa hotel Augustinián house ****S

Augustiniánský dům

The Augustinian House is not a mere hotel – it is a lifestyle. This former monastery, complete with a chapel, has been turned into a wellness retreat center, taking the concept of well-being to the next level. A sensational wellness area alongside an equally phenomenal restaurant, a meditation yurt, the Garden of Six Senses, outdoor wellness gazebos, and garden yoga classes, all waiting to be discovered by you!

Wellness Hotel Residence Ambra****

Wellness hotel rezidence Ambra

Hidden right under a deep, dark forest on the edge of Luhačovice, Wellness Hotel Rezidence Ambra is a majestic hotel that features its own bowling arena, a huge children’s playground, a restaurant, and a wellness area, perfect for both longer stays and one-night outings with friends.

rOyal spa - Valaška & antoaneta

Royal Spa Vila Valaška

The spa hotels of VILA VALAŠKA and VILA ANTOANETA, part of the private ROYAL SPA network, provide an interesting combination of historic architecture, unique early 20th-century interiors, modern wellness amenities and lovely accommodation.

Vila jiřinka

Vila Jiřinka Luhačovice

Vila Jiřinka proudly boasts of being the only place in Luhačovice to feature its own salt cave with salt coming from the Dead Sea. If you really need to take a load off, come relax in the sauna, lie down on a sunbed, or take a rest in the salt cave. Only few places let you unwind like this.

Hotel Vega

Hotel vega Luhačovice

Apart from a great view of Luhačovice, Hotel Vega also offers a recently renovated wellness center. Inside you’ll find a swimming pool and a sauna world as well as badminton and squash courts. The garden features an infinity pool, providing a great vantage point to watch the sun as it sets over the Luhačovice reservoir, while your kids will surely appreciate the longest natural water slide in the country.

hotel vyhlídka 

Hotel Vyhlídka Luhačovice

Unique revivalist interior, a terrace overlooking the reservoir, ideal for sunset lovers, beautiful rooms, a bowling arena, and a wide selection of wellness treatments, available for both hotel guests and outside visitors, make Hotel Vyhlídka a great place to sleep at night and relax during the day.

Hotel and Beer Spa Wichterle Castle

Zámek Wichterle Slavičín

For too long, this beautiful chateau in the nearby town of Slavičín was left to fall into disrepair. In 2019, it was finally renovated and turned into a delightful hotel with a café, a restaurant, a landscape garden, and a beer spa, buried deep in the cellars. Live out your royal fantasy at Wichterle Castle.

Hotel Pohoda Luhačovice

Hotel Pohoda Luhačovice is a beautiful wellness hotel that offers luxury rooms with a nature view, a spectacular wellness center, and a new childrens’ playground, where your kids can run about all day long. So be sure to take them with you!

Boutique Hotel Radun ** Luhačovice

 Wellness Hotel Radun

If you’re looking to relax in an elegant setting, be sure to visit Hotel Radun. Its wellness center offers massages, poultice treatments, inhalation therapy, hydrotherapy, and a sauna, while the swimming pools and sun terrace of the beautifully renovated Luhačovice Municipal Swimming Hall are only a few steps away.

Luhačovice Municipal Swimming Hall

This place will take you back to a time when elegance and grace were of the utmost importance. The Municipal Swimming Hall, which has recently undergone a beautiful Functionalist renovation, offers a whirlpool, swimming pools, and a sun terrace.


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