Luhačovice Spa Architecture

There is never a bad time to admire the architecture of the spa town of Luhačovice in all its glory. You can start your tour in Bílá Čtvrť, Czech for White Quarter, which is a unique urban design concept devised by Czech architect Bohuslav Fuchs, brought to life in the 1930’s. Although the paint on the facades of many of these functionalist villas has lost some of its snow-white shine over the years, the place has preserved a one-of-a-kind genius loci. The villas that seem best-kept and look like they belong together at first glance are called Radun, Viola and Avion and are home to elegant hotels. Don’t be shy and come in for a cup of coffee!

One place that has stood the test of time while preserving its original appearance is the local post office. This cascade-shaped building is a nice way to follow up on the functionalist beauty of Bílá Čtvrť. The large glass windows that make up the front of the building reflect all the buzz and fuss of the small square in front, while there’s much to see on the inside as well. The interior has mostly preserved its original character, apart from the occasional modern-day gadget here and there. Sit down on a low wooden stool, take your dip pen and write a postcard home from your spa trip, because this post office deserves all the attention it can get.

Dr. Veselého Street will take you right into the heart of the spa town, where a commendable feat has been accomplished. Thanks to a decision of the local town council, this small colonnade, lined with names of painters, writers, composers, architects and doctors associated with the town, has been freed of any visual smog in the form of tasteless billboards and illuminated signs. Instead, you get a picturesque footpath that is a pleasure to walk down.

A newly-renovated colonnade makes up one side of the square, home to lovely little cafés, gift shops and design stores. Myslivna is worth a visit. With a good hot beverage of your choice, you’ll be ready to check out the colonnade from one end to the other, as well as Jurkovič House and Vila Pod Lipami.

There are other spots worth exploring, too: Společenský Dům (Social House), Bedrich Smetana House, Jestřábí, Vodoléčebný Ústav or Kancnýřka, a majestic abandoned art nouveau villa located by the woods above the quarter of Pražská Čtvrť. Those with some knowledge of Czech might appreciate the opportunity to walk through the town streets accompanied by an original audio guide called Luhačovice Sound Map.

  • Luhačovice Spa Architecture

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