Eat & drink

Get your blood pumping with a traditional Czech spirit produced right on the spot, savor warm and crunchy spa wafers, treat yourself to a classy experience in high-end restaurants, discover the charm of new-wave city cafés or grab a quick bite in new and unconventional bistros set on meadows and inside mountain cabins. Czechs are a nation of beer drinkers – visit one of the many local breweries and try their best beer specialties.


The best way to discover a new city or country is to eat and drink like locals do. In the case of Zlín, this means going to awesome cafés and bistros, drinking beer from local breweries and trying the delicious food from popular restaurants.

You can practically spend the entire day indulging in the deliciousness of Bistrotéka Valachy – your morning coffee in the café upstairs, something light for lunch at Kornuterie, and homemade dinner at the restaurant in the evening. 

Must-try cafés include Kafö Zlín, Kafec Zlínský, Café Malá Scéna, Archa, and Ebe Café in the quarter of Mladcová. 

For a quick meal at noon, we tend to go to Phởlévkárna, Zralé Bistro, or Bůrger, whereas for drinks, we head to Bar 1931, Budvarka Zlín, Blok 12, or PUOR Zlín. We also recommend Sushi Hoshi. 

Grand meals are best served at La Villa, Penzion UNO, Hotel Tomášov, Koliba U Černého Medvěda, Lesní Hotel Zlín, and U Johana. 


Start at the spa colonnade. You can’t go wrong by drinking a sip or two of the mineral water Vincentka from the local spring. Work up an appetite with a cup of coffee and some dessert at Salon de Thé, stop for lunch at Restaurace Racek, and top it all off with a hot spa wafer at Dr. Veselého Street.

Our favorite cafés are ALEXANDRIA lobby bar, Salon de Thé, Myslivna Luhačovice, Jizba Luhačovice, and Lázeňská Káva, which includes a small roastery. Right across the street, you’ll find a cute little cheese shop called Easy Cheesy.

Our highly recommended restaurants include Republika at Hotel Radun, Symfonie at the Augustinian House, the French restaurant at ALEXANDRIA and the restaurants in the hotels of Pohoda, Ambra, Vega, and Vyhlídka.

Valašské klobouky

Valašské Klobouky is a small town hidden away at the foot of the White Carpathians. It is a beautiful piece of history where Art Nouveau meets folk architecture, people are more genuine, and so is their food.

Stop by the truly local restaurant named Beseda on the main square of Valašské Klobouky, where you might stumble upon a concert or a theater play, or head over to Vlachovice to visit the great restaurant Na Mýtě, which serves food from local ingredients.

We also recommend Bistro Na Kopci in the nearby town of Bojkovice. 

Uherský Brod

Your gourmet trip around Uherský Brod can start right at the train station, where you’ll find Panoptikum, a restaurant that serves great food yet is easy to miss. It is located inside the house that is opposite to the bridge that leads toward the shopping area. They even bake their own bread! 

You’ll find several cafés in the center, including the highly recommended Mima Coffee Roastery.

The town is also home to the famous chocolate factory Čokoládovna Janek, the JAMAI CAFÉ roastery, and an excellent winery named Vinařství Juřeník & Žďárský.


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Bistros & bars

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Cafés & Roasteries

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Local Products

When it comes to locally produced gifts and souvenirs, there is plenty to choose from. And if you buy local, you’ll make more people happy than you could possibly realize.

Local Breeweries & Wineries

Would you like to know who makes good beer and wine around Zlín and Luhačovice? There’s no shortage of local brewers and winemakers around here, and here’s a list of our favorites.