Take your children with you to the region of Zlín & Luhačovice! Our beautiful Zlín Zoo features pavilions that will transport you to the Amazon rainforest or the Australian grasslands where kangaroos roam freely.  There are also arcades and large playgrounds for children, lookout towers and castles and cycling trails suitable even for your older offspring. You can also rent a paddleboard or ride on the longest water slide. And if it rains, you can always visit the exhibition of Filmový Uzel on the premises of the former Zlín film studios, children-friendly program guaranteed! Kids can learn how to make an animated movie or get lost in the fictional world of a Czech animated character called Prasátko Lojzík.

Playgrounds & playrooms

A highly recommended kid-friendly trip is to Filmový Uzel in Zlín. The film museum features a large educational playroom where your little ones can easily spend a whole afternoon.

Luhačovice offers a whole variety of large hotel playgrounds where your children can run wild. You might also enjoy Pirátská Zátoka, the outdoor leisure center with several rope courses at the Luhačovice Reservoir.

When in Zlín, do not miss the Zlín Zoo, where you can feed stingrays and explore the Yucatan rainforest.

Galeries & culture

The Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín runs kid-friendly events from time to time. Don’t be afraid to take your kids to virtually any of our galleries and museums as they always tend to offer special activities for children.

The Museum of Southeastern Moravia in Zlín runs programs on the fairytale history of Zlín film studios, while Luhačovice offers exhibitions specifically designed for children.

Outdoor Activities

Ride a bike on one of the many cycling trails, dip into an outdoor pool, or rent a paddleboard or a paddle boat at the Luhačovice Reservoir.