Nature & Sport


The regions of Zlín and Luhačovice are full of beautiful and undiscovered natural wonders. We have the mountainous White Carpathians, believed to once have been home to witches. Up to this day, you can find quaint little log cabins here, sheep roaming on the hillsides, steep rock formations, and deep, dark woods.

Forests are also a common sight at the Vizovice Highlands, known for its Wallachian settlements, beautiful views, and low hiking difficulty.

OUtdoor & sports

Ride a bike, rent a paddleboard, take a walk, or go for a swim in a pool or a lake.

The regions of Zlín and Luhačovice offer a whole variety of bike paths and cycling routes, including the famous Bevlava route, which leads from Vsetín all the way past the Slovak border.

We have many lakes and ponds for you to swim in, a swimming pool with a view of the city, and the longest natural waterslide in the country.

Swimming & Water Sports

Interested in finding the best places to swim (not only) in the summer? We’ve prepared some tips on the best indoor and outdoor swimming pools, lakes, and ponds.


Beautiful cycling routes of varying levels of difficulty are scattered all across our region. We recommend that you download the app (available in English), which has a special cycling layer.

Vizovice Highlands

The Vizovice Highlands hold special significance in the eyes of many Czechs. They are known as the unofficial Kingdom of Wallachia, which means nothing less than copious amounts of slivovitz and good

White Carpathians

The White Carpathians are sort of a forgotten mountain range. They stretch far into the easternmost part of Czechia, near the border with Slovakia.